What kind of consultant are you?


Long, long ago there was a firm of three brothers, each of whom had great experience in advising businesses. The youngest brother was engaged as a consultant by the CEO of a FTSE 500 company, called The Huge Corporation. This company had lost touch with both its customers and the genius of product design, so sales were down; the staff were leaving in droves; the competition were having a field day and the press coverage stank. With the advisers help and some sustained and vigorous activity, the company was transformed. It regained its former thrilling reputation, and in due time issued generous dividends for its owners. The CEO, who’d miraculously retained his job through all this, delightedly told his head of PR to issue a press release “Huge Corp. uses the best consultant in Europe”, and to name the adviser directly.

However, when the business pages came to interview the youngest brother, they were surprised by his words: “You must understand, my older brother sees how bad the relationships are between staff and management and cures this before damage occurs, so his name doesn’t get out of the client’s building. My middle brother recognizes and deals with any problems when they’re at a very early stage – usually before anyone else spots them – so he’s barely known in the industry. For myself, I’m given all the crises, and have to run change management programmes, strategic workshops and big international events, so from time to time my name gets out and is in the papers.”

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