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London-born Orlando starts out as a classical guitarist and tours colleges and universities in South Africa. He joins EMI as a film/tv music producer and goes on to manage, publish and record bands for independent record companies. After playing gamelan with the Indonesian Embassy, he ‘moves across the glass’ to write and record soundtracks for commercials and tv using his peculiar experience in guitar and percussion. He produces two instrumental albums : ‘East Meets West’, and ‘The New Spirit’ and then, despite modest commercial success, chooses to commit himself to business.

His career includes editor-in-chief of some business magazines; advising a former UK prime minister on advanced tv; launching the internet in Europe; ‘The Digital Revolution’ for the BBC; and much more in public services and over 100 private companies in Europe, the US and the Middle East. This has led to a personal conviction that secular ethics are the vital force of all healthy organizations.

He continues both to help people get their message across and to write music and words in a variety of forms.


Photo of Orlando Kimber by Boo Beaumont.