Plato’s ship of state

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“Imagine there was a captain of a ship. He’s bigger than any of his crew, but slightly deaf, shortsighted and limited in seamanship. The crew quarrel with one other about the navigation, each thinking he ought to be at the wheel. None have actually learned the art, but all insist that it can’t be taught and are ready to string anyone up who disagrees. Naturally, they do all they can to persuade the captain to give them the helm. They form into gangs but know that if one group is favoured, their rivals will throw them overboard,...

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What kind of consultant are you?

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  Long, long ago there was a firm of three brothers, each of whom had great experience in advising businesses. The youngest brother was engaged as a consultant by the CEO of a FTSE 500 company, called The Huge Corporation. This company had lost touch with both its customers and the genius of product design, so sales were down; the staff were leaving in droves; the competition were having a field day and the press coverage stank. With the advisers help and some sustained and vigorous activity, the company was transformed. It regained its...

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